The construction company RUSMASTER DESIGN is working in Spain, Barcelona and the province
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The construction company RUSMASTER DESIGN carries out new construction, repair, reconstruction and maintenance
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RUSMASTER DESIGN S.L. is accredited at Generalitat de Catalunya for works in the construction sector
We specialize in the rehabilitation of any complexity from rehabilitation of building facades to interior finishing works and technical installations
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We collaborate with companies that provide high quality consulting services in business in Spain, investments, residence permits and education
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2 December 2017
According to sources familiar with the negotiations, the construction sector signed last week its...
2 December 2017
The most wanted rental flat in Barcelona in October has 60 m2 and a price of 850 €.
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    RUSMASTER DESIGN S.L., NIF B65819773, is accredited at Generalitat de Catalunya for works in the construction sector, accreditation number: REA 09000047910.
  • How long have you been working in Spain?
    We started our history in 2005, having received an order for the renovation of the facade and gymnasium of one of the colleges in Barcelona. Since then, the company, operating under the brand Rusmaster, is dynamically developing, offering the implementation of almost all types of construction work.
  • I want to buy the real estate in Spain as investment. Can you help in it?
    Real estate in Barcelona is really in grand demand. Choosing a profitable object for investment without professional analysis is quite difficult. First, the price of the object you may find optimal, or even below the average price for the zone. But after buying, you can get a surprise by finding out what amounts you have to pay in addition for repairing the facade, the roof or changing the elevator. All these unforeseen expenses should be clarified before purchase. You should also get advice on taxation depending on your status in Spain. We recommend that you contact our partner who specializes in real estate transactions in Barcelona and the provinces: Stroganoff House, Real Estate Barcelona: Tel .: +34 626470005, E-mail:

    Stroganoff House web
  • I have buyed apartment in Barcelona. Can I make a repair by myself?
    Even for minor repairs, for example, painting walls, a license is required, which is issued by the local administration - Ayuntamiento. A copy of the license must be posted on the door of the apartment, this information is considered public. If the repair is more complicated, or if you want to affect the load-bearing structures of the object, you will have to make the project of the works and submit it to Ayuntamiento. The time for issuing a license may be delayed, but it is not recommended to commence the works before it is received, all participants can be punished from the owner to the executor, on the principle of joint liability. We recommend you to read the REA accreditation information.

  • What is the average price of the repair works in Barcelona?
    Depending on the type of work the price per square meter is determined, usually from 200 to 1200 euros.
  • Can you help in the choice of the furniture and electrical engineering?
    Yes, we offer you a choice of catalogs and help you to choose the electrical equipment, depending on your needs and technical characteristics of the property. Also we offer variants of built-in furniture for more harmonious design and space optimization.
  • I want to build a house in Spain. I live in Russia. Can i do it?
    Yes, foreigners without a residence in Spain can be the property owners. Before you make a final decision, you should analyze your personal situation and choose the best possible option for optimizing the costs.

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+34 628470005
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