The construction company RUSMASTER DESIGN is working in Spain, Barcelona and the province

The construction company RUSMASTER DESIGN is working in Spain, Barcelona and the province. We are working under the brand RUSMASTER, which has its experience in Spain from 2005 and constantly expands the base of customers satisfied with our services. We are engaged in all kinds of construction and renovation works in Catalonia (Spain).

For each client, we propose new ideas, solutions and original designs. If you want to build or reform your house, flat, office or nice barbecue area, terrace, swimming pool, sauna or entertainment zone, do not hesitate to call us and ask for the estimated budget.

Our speciality is rehabilitation, ranging from comprehensive rehabilitation of buildings, facades, maintenance and repairing of the facilities of a building, conditioning, specific or partial reforms of the interiors of buildings. We are also here to lead the construction of new buildings with all amenities and facilities involved in the construction process, and we possess qualified personnel to run each of the tasks your project requires.

We guarantee that the projects we perform are very original and adapted to the needs of the customers. We work only with the materials of high quality and offer the reasonable prices.

Our principles:

The quality of the work performed by us involves a large number of customers willing to entrust the construction or reconstruction of their property. We receive gratitude not only from the clients, but also from their neighbors, for order and attentive attitude in the problems that arise during any construction or repair. Our people are perfectly equipped with the special clothing for all of the works always using tools of high quality, which makes it possible to work with materials at any level of complexity and price category.


We set real timetables for the execution of all the works and we follow the designated schedule. If during the construction work the client decides to change radically the project, this involves a change in the terms of the work. Necessity of obtaining a license on a new type of work can also increase the work for several months. We will advise ourselves to consider the project before the start of the implementation of the avoidance of changes in the timing of delays in deliveries in the case of a unified material or with changes in the scope of work.


Any object of the property is a mobile structure requiring constant attention and control. After the end of the work we can conclude a maintenance agreement, and our specialists will determine any failure and correct them in due time. Such approach allows to save funds on the content of the property.


The Company RUSMASTER successfully develops in Spain since 2005. The company is accredited by the Government of Catalonia and is a member of the Guild of Builders of Barcelona and provinces. Insurance, training of personnel, prevention of professional risks, non-elimination of our work.


We belong to a group of professionals with extensive experience in technical study in the field of rehabilitation. Our company has its own staff, transport and machinery. Tools and equipment used for the execution of the tasks follow their perceptive and required maintenance, directed from the company facilities.


Rusmaster Design has at its clients disposal all the pertinent documentation of its operators (certificate of registration to the REA, tc 1, tc 2, delivery of the personal protection equipment, medical check-ups and occupational risk prevention courses), as well as the certificates to keep abreast of payments issued by the Treasury and Social Security.


The company has all the necessary insurances. The staff of the company strictly follows the Health and Safety Plan for all the tasks contracted by the company, and has all the relevant personal protective equipment (EPI).


RUSMASTER offers services in support of transactions of purchase and sale of property, analysis of risks, owners arrears, encumbrances, preparing documents for notary, assistance in obtaining mortgages and looking for the optimal scheme of purchase, including hire- purchase - is not the full range of our services. Your interests should be protected from the first steps in any transaction relating to property rights or rent. Our aim - is to provide you with this protection. More information and assistance contact to our partner: BUSINESS POINT CONSULTING (Barcelona)

The central office:

Barcelona, ​​building ATLANTIDA,
281 Provenza street, 2nd floor, office 9

+34 628470005
+34 620909063
+34 934881546

We speak english, spanish and russian

  • REA

    RUSMASTER DESIGN S.L., NIF B65819773, is accredited at Generalitat de Catalunya for works in the construction sector, accreditation number: REA 09000047910.
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  • Gremi

    The company RUSMASTER DESIGN is the member of the Guild of the Builders of Barcelona and Counties that exists since 1211.
    The membership number is 11017
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