RUSMASTER DESIGN publishes news of the construction sector

The construction sector in Spain will grow by an average of 3.5% in period between 2018 and 2020, as long as the market players are not negatively concerned about the "tense calm" that may occur after the elections in Catalonia.

This follows from the Euroconstruct biannual report, presented by the Institute of Building Technology of Catalonia (Itec), signed by its general director, Francisco Dieges and responsible for markets, Josep R. Fontana.

Itec revised its summer forecasts and now forecasts an increase of 4.1% for this 2017 - compared with 3% estimated in the previous report - 3.8% for 2018 - against the expected 4.1% - and a rebound of 3, 7% for 2019 - from 3.6%, earlier - until 2020 with an increase of 3%.

Demand as an investment

"Investing in housing and then renting it is a fairly safe investment formula that yields higher returns than other traditional investment formulas such as the stock exchange", says the market manager.

As for non-residential construction, an increase of 4% is expected, as the recovery process after the crisis came later and with less intensity than in the housing construction.

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