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The most wanted rental flat in Barcelona in October has 60 m2 and a price of 850 €.

In Girona, the most popular rental apartment for the last month is 70 m2 and the price is 350 euros, in Tarragona: 50 m2 and 350 euro., In Lleida: 45 m2 and 300 euros.
As for the sale, in October in Barcelona, the most popular apartment for sale is 110 m2 and costs 300,000 euros. In Girona: 80 m2 and 155,000 euros. In Tarragona: 180 m2 and 183,000 euros. In Lleida: 81 m2 and 25,000 euros.

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real estate investment projects in Barcelona and Catalonia (Spain) to your budget and tasks

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Гильдия Строителей
Our company is the member of the Guild of the Builders of Barcelona and Counties that exists since 1211

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consultations on business in Spain, investments, residence permits, education, etc.

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