The company RUSMASTER DESIGN S.L., NIF B65819773, is accredited for works in the construction sector of Spain, number of accreditation: Nº REA 09000047910


IMPORTANT: Before signing a contract for any construction work, you should check the accreditation of the construction companies for these types of work, otherwise the customer works will be jointly and severally liable for the violation of the law (Ley 32/2006, de 18 de octubre, y el Real decreto 1109/2007, de 24 de agosto).


To guarantee the safety and quality of employment, Law 32/2006 of 18 October and Royal Decree 1109/2007 of 24 August, who develops it, establish that any company that intends to enter into a contract for construction work or subcontracting contract in the construction sector, must be preliminarily registered in the register “REA” - Register of Accredited Companies of Catalonia in the construction sector.

To check the registration of the company, and therefore its legitimacy in the construction sector, you can on the Government's website Catalonia

What is confirmed by registering with the REA?

The Company accredits compliance with the solvency and quality of work requirements to Articles 4, paragraphs 1 and 2a of the Law on Subcontracting in the Construction Sector (LSC):

  • have adequate infrastructure and facilities to carry out activities and directly manage works, taking risks, obligations and responsibilities inherent in entrepreneurial activity.
  • Have an adequate preventive structure.
  • Have staff with the necessary training on the prevention of occupational hazards.

The companies have previously been required to comply with these requirements before the approval of the rules governing subcontracting in construction sector. The new rules are that the company must confirm compliance with the rules for the company - the contractor and the Employment Authority through registration with the REA (obligations that the company has to confirm it at any time when the Employment Authority requires it).